The Authentic Heart Expansive

with Aitabé

Practices to Surrender into the Flow of Life!

Winter 2024

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Opening up and shutting down.

For years, I wondered why I would experience life opening up - where the things that I had been working towards suddenly felt so close - only to shut down and feel closed off to me again.

What I have come to learn is this:
When Life can't give you your YES,
it will show you your NO.

What do I mean? 

When you set an intention but find yourself stuck instead of successful, it means that life is saying: LOOK HERE FIRST. 

The contraction, the fear, the feeling of being overwhelmed or defeated. Those are not your reality. They are information. 

Dear One,

Your Life is calling you: it communicates to you through your longings!

And when you are able to surrender to Life, the flow will move you into manifestation/communion in ways beyond your imagining!

Surrender sounds so simple…but if it's simple, why aren’t you experiencing the life you long for? 

Why do you have heart-expanding moments, where you feel yourself in contact with the Flow of Life, where you feel so hopeful...only to have it close down again?

Because, in those moments you are experiencing both the opening that happens as you align with the Flow of Life and the impact of the subtle and often unconscious ways in which you constrict and close down your own movement. 

What causes the constriction?

The activation of trauma patterns remembered in your nervous system.

It is NOT because 

there’s something wrong with you,

or that you are not good enough,

or that you have broken some rule.

Stories of self-judgment and shame that you layer on top of your experiences only compound your suffering and make it harder to find your way back to the Flow of Life.

The feedback system of Life is not judging you.
Life is All-Ways loving you. 

But here's what is true: 

You have layers and layers of trauma patterning. 

These patterns are the "no" that interrupt your "yes". But they are not trying to hurt you. They are asking for something much more fundamental: to be seen, to be felt, to be alchemized. 

Your first layer of trauma will be personal trauma that your body has remembered to keep you safe, followed by family, ancestral, and collective trauma. 

As long as you are a person in a body, your nervous system will be processing those layers. 

But that doesn't mean you will be always suffering!

Right now, you experience some beautiful but temporary periods of presence, connection, and flow, while your primary residence is in an ordinary reality that has you caught in its stresses and difficulties. 

THIS IS AN INVITATION to a wholly new experience - a flip of your current experience. Imagine instead that you reside in presence, rooted in the joyful emergence of the Flow of Life, while experiencing those constricted states as a temporary movement that you process through quickly.

This is the experience your Life is calling you into! 

When you can alchemize your trauma patterning, they will no longer police your experience of life. This opens you to residing in a state of presence and connection with the Flow of Life. 

The process is not mysterious! You can learn how to do this in a very short time. I can show you how. 

THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL PRACTICE. To become the person you already are you must be able to release the contraction of your nervous system. 

There are two more elements you must nourish within yourself to walk your evolutionary path of embodiment, authenticity, and service: 

Heart-Knowing + Truth-Telling

Heart-Knowing is the intuition field of your heart. It is the information system that directs your authentic heart. When you access your heart-knowing, you access clarity. For most people, nurturing their heart-knowing feels like turning on their super-power!

Truth-Telling, and its closest intimate, Desire, is the alignment of your thoughts and actions with your truth. Anything less than your complete alignment with your own truth is simply unacceptable to Life. When you are out of alignment with your Truth, when you do not act upon it and relate to others through it, Life will reflect this back to you immediately. 

Truth-Telling takes courage and practice, for we have been conditioned to shut down and fear our authentic truth. However, when you access your Truth-Telling, Life comes forward to support the whole Field of your relationships. Rather than leaving you vulnerable and exposed, it allows each person affected by your truth to come away stronger and more whole!

This is a special invitation for people who feel DONE with living out of their trauma patterns and are ready to step fully into the Flow of Life:

Enrollment is open now through Jan 24, 2024, for the 3-month Authentic Heart Expansive with Aitabé. We will schedule your first 1:1 coaching when you sign up, and our first group retreat meets in person the weekend of Feb 3-4, 2024.

The program is for people who: 

The people I work with are service-oriented people who know that they are here to embody their highest-selves because it means they will better serve the planet as it moves into its next evolution. 

Here's what you can expect:

These three capacities weave to allow you to leave the trauma field and re-root yourself in the generative Flow of Life - and to process trauma patterns quickly when they arise.

If you feel the call, let's talk and see if working with me would be a good fit!

Email Aitabé:
We will schedule a 30min conversation to talk about the program. 

The Authentic Heart Expansive is a highly effective program.

It feels magical, but it is not magic.

The Authentic Heart Expansive is designed with three pillars of support. These create a powerful container for the liberation and heart-knowing you seek and result in reliable changes that you can measure.

The first is a powerful tool called Somatic Reclamation™ (SR). SR works because it is so simple and fundamental. Learning SR allows you to experience and embody healthy, heart-to-heart human connections. It is truly an essential practice for being fully human. 

You will learn Somatic Reclamation and become part of a community of practice that you can draw upon for life.

Somatic Reclamation™ (SR) is part of a body of work developed by Emily Waymire. Aitabé is a trained Somatic Reclamation™ coach.

The second pillar is the personal coaching you receive from Aitabé. Aitabé's empathic listening and skilled use of constellation work results in precise responses to your needs that support your continued unfoldment.

The third pillar is on a different scale altogether: the support of the Gaia, Mother Earth. Our weekend retreats will re-introduce you to a connection you already have: a living relationship with Nature and the Elements. You will be invited into a deeper relationship with this larger part of yourself. 

Email Aitabé:
We will schedule a 30min conversation to talk about the program. 

The Authentic Heart Expansive


This program is designed to support you in three things:

To support these movements, the structure of The Authentic Heart Expansive has four elements:

PROGRAM DETAILS - Subject to evolution!


Time and energy investment: I am calling in people who are ready and excited for the commitment and investment required because they are READY for the lives that are calling them. Plan to commit an average of 3-4 hours per week during the program, plus three weekends. 

Financial investment: $1500, paid in full; Payment plans: three payments of $550 or seven payments of $244. 

Email Aitabé:
We will schedule a 30min conversation to talk about the program.