Get Unstuck with Aitabé
& Live Your Life of Joy and Purpose!

Being stuck has many faces. Are any of these familiar to you?

You have a passionate, creative vision that you desire to express, but...

>You struggle to live your vision into being. 

You find it easier to "get a job" than to successfully launch and sustain your project.

>You are a perfectionist.

When perfectionism is a drive you can't control, it is a pattern keeping you stuck. If you are a perfectionist, you know the pain of not making real progress toward your goals, or of making lots of beautiful things that never get seen by the world. 

Other stuck patterns that show up as "personality traits" include jealousy, a drive to keep busy, an inability to focus, an inability to make decisions, feeling responsible for everything and everyone around you, and/or the constant presence of fear and worry. 

>You are not making the money you want. 

You don't know how to ask for your worth. You look for and take jobs that don't fully reflect your skills and experience. 

>You long for greater intimacy and connection.

You long for greater intimacy and connection in your relationships - whether friendship or intimate partnership. But the relationships you desire remain elusive.  Your connections don't nourish your heart the way you expect they should. 

Perhaps you've tried the following to get unstuck. 

You work for free or very little money.

This allows you to do work you love, but it leaves you feeling drained and frustrated. And though you hate to admit it, you sometimes resent your clients because you know they have received so much for so little. 

You get more training or more healing.

Additional training, new certifications, or more - and often profound - healing. But after an initial boost of energy and optimism, you still feel stuck. You've done all of the things, yet you still feel stuck.

You watch a lot of Netflix and scroll social media. 

You find that you are turning towards media and mindless entertainment even when you don't want to or know you could be doing something else. 

You use your spiritual practice as a refuge from the world. 

If you have been using your practice as a retreat but you still have the same stuck patterns, it's time to look at those patterns. 

You lower your expectations.

Yes, out of frustration, you may have even tried giving up on your dreams and desires rather than continuing to experience the disappointment of not being able to break through. 

But the news is good, Dear One! 

If you are reading this, it is because you are committed to a life of joy and purpose - and your heart knows this is possible.

I promise you: there is a pathway that will help you break out of just surviving and allow you to step into creative thriving.

Let's look at what's really happening. 

Why is your pattern on a loop? Here's the answer.

First, your stuck pattern has been triggered. 

Being stuck is a loop of expansion and contraction that is rooted in a genuinely clever survival strategy that you developed as a child. 

What triggers the pattern can be highly personal to you or it can be the result of a collective trigger. The pandemic is an example of a collective trigger that activated the stuck patterns of many people. 

Your life purpose is often in direct tension with your core wound! (Funny how that happens...) For example, your life's work might be teaching people to tap into their inner knowing as a source of creativity, but your trigger is about being rejected for revealing your authentic self.  As a result,  you may find that your attempts to share your work are constantly triggering your fear of being rejected. 

Your stuck pattern is directly related to your core wound

Core wounds usually originate in birth or early childhood, but not just because you were harmed or injured. Suffering happens. But a lasting trauma results from an inability of the nervous system to fully discharge the impact of the harm. In other words, your natural reflexes were suppressed or interrupted, and/or the caregiving relationships that would have helped you discharge and heal any injury were inadequate, insufficient, or harmful.

A core wound does not have to look like a big trauma. For example, perhaps you felt loved by your parents and had your basic needs met as a child, but the stress in your household meant that you felt you had to suppress your emotions in order to feel safe. This was a wise strategy to prevent your authentic self from being harmed. AND, this created a pattern in your nervous system that will arise anytime you are trying to express your authentic self but feel insecure about how you will be received.  

The mechanism that created your core wound is also the reason it is on repeat.

Your pattern is stuck, but it is not trying to harm you. It is simply repeating the pattern in an attempt to complete the healing movement that was suppressed or interrupted. This is what makes healing possible and the reason we can look upon these patterns with compassion.

Being stuck = energy stuck in your nervous system.

Although this may seem like a simplistic understanding, it really is that simple. What you experience as "being stuck" in the world is directly connected to energy stuck within your nervous system as a result of your core wound. 

This is also why mental or spiritual understanding, and any healing that does not address the nervous system, does not work

Your nervous system cannot be reasoned with. It just needs to be safe to complete its expression.

With this understanding, healing is not only possible, but it is also beautifully simple and miraculously powerful. 

This is how healing happens: by discharging the stuck energy in your nervous system a little bit at a time, while supported in a safe, secure frame held by a warm listener. 

Dear One,

HEALING IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. It is what you are designed to do.

The fact that the pattern is showing up again is the brilliant way that your body and nervous system say:

I am ready. This is another chance. Let's heal this now!

I'm Aitabé. I work with people who yearn to express the beauty that lives in their hearts, but who have felt stuck and unable to create the life of joy and purpose that they desire.

Do you want to break free of your stuck patterns?

Are you ready for support for your healing journey?

I have designed a program specifically for you who are ready to get unstuck so that you can live your life of joy and purpose

Get Unstuck with Aitabé is a 12-week 1:1 coaching program. 

Get Unstuck with Aitabé WORKS. It will change your life. You will become liberated from the unproductive drives that currently direct your life. It works for a very simple reason: I create the safe, secure container that will allow you to reclaim your nervous system and shift out of the trauma field and into a field of generative, creative thriving. 

We will meet weekly for 12-weeks. Your coaching program will be designed specifically for your needs and consist of a minimum of 8 1-hour Somatic Reclamation Sessions plus longer Intuitive Constellation sessions. This is a period of dedicated and powerful transformation. 

The cost is $1500, or $555/month for 3 months. 

SPACE IS LIMITED. I work with a small number of people each season. 

If you are ready to do this work, your next step is to EMAIL ME ( to schedule an appointment to discuss the program.