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Why is this happening?
What is the cause?
I've tried so many things...

For people who struggle with chronic illness and/or persistent stuck patterns, this mystery becomes the thing you most want to change and the most familiar part of who you are. Even if others aren't aware of it, it plays a big role in how we define ourselves. 

Starting on Friday May 24 a small group of dedicated heart-journeyers will dive deep into their personal mysteries. There are two spots left. Join us if you are called. 

“To say that working with Aitabé is paradigm shifting would be an understatement: it’s paradigm exploding! This work opens realms of connection, healing, and truth that I've never imagined I could access. " 

Jessica Simkovic

Solving Personal Mysteries

A Six-Week In-Person Constellation Series with Aitabé

Illumination, Liberation, and Peace
for people with chronic illness, stuck patterns, and seemingly unanswerable questions.

FRIDAYS 5-7:30pm (ish) ET
May 24, May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28

Green River Family Constellations
150 Fearing St, Suite 22
Amherst MA 01002

The power of Constellation work is that it allows us to ask and answer questions that cannot be addressed through other modalities to create measurable, healing shifts in our lives.  

With Constellation work, you can solve personal mysteries, reveal hidden dynamics, and find what constellators call "the healing movement" - the shift in the system of your issue that moves the system out of dis-ease and into wholeness.  

One of the most heart-nourishing ways to experience Constellation work is with a small group that works together over several sessions. 

During this 6-week series,  we will bring our hearts together to be of healing service to each other and ourselves with the intention to understand what is at the root of the challenges you face and find the healing movement. 

If you are ready to take a deep dive into the healing flow of Green River Family Constellations and emerge with illumination, freedom, and peace,  reach out to me to discuss the program and register. 


Exchange: $495 or two payments of $250


Email Aitabé to register: hello@greenriverfc.com