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Why choose Green River Family Constellations?

There’s something important in your life that you can’t understand or shift on your own.

  • Are you seeking to live in full alignment with your heart, but experience fear or resistance to change?

  • Do you desire greater connection and intimacy, but struggle with healthy boundaries and other relationship questions?

  • Are you a parent struggling with your child and wanting insight and clarity about what's going on?

  • Do you have an inner longing – perhaps one that has been present all your life – that you are ready to follow, but you don't know where to start?

  • Are you looking for deeper healing around issues that you thought you had already worked through?

  • Do you want to make sense of your purpose in life so you can have a positive impact on the world?

For these and many more questions, Green River Family Constellations with Aitabé is here to help you look deeply into your inquiry with sensitivity, skillful intuition, and a commitment to you and your healing journey.

"I have experienced such a depth of listening, on multiple dimensions, in sessions with Aitabé.

Her support has deepened the connection with myself, my ancestors and guides. Most recently, she facilitated a process whereby we made contact with my core trauma, core strategy, core self and essence and through her empathic skills and capacity to uncover ancestral stories, the process brought me into connection with and remembering of my resources as well as deeper compassion for my core trauma and strategy.

If you're seeking guidance and support in connecting with your own knowing of your core self and your own essence to support further integration of your gifts, I highly recommend working with Aitabé. "

~Kat Gibson, Lady Gaia

You want to develop your intuition and trust your inner knowing.

Intuition is often dismissed and largely misunderstood - however, your intuition is your most valuable way of knowing.

One of the gifts of constellation work is that it provides a clear process for accessing and affirming your intuitive capacity, and demonstrating how powerful and effective it is. Through Constellation work, you develop the ability to feel when a system is tight or out of alignment and when it is flowing and nourished. Constellation work is so impactful because we are not guessing. We are guided by the natural, deeper wisdom of intuition. At Green River Family Constellations, Aitabé has a rich and varied evidence base of the impact of this work and its precision.

However, you don't have to be "intuitive" in order for this process to be effective and to benefit from constellation work. Aitabé has a unique set of practices that meet you exactly where you are.

"The space Aitabé holds is invaluable.

She weaves together Ancestral connection and personal healing within the context of social justice. Bé has a gentle, clear, and direct communication style. Her intuition and empathic skills contribute a nuanced listening and guidance which allows the group to safely move through deep layers. I experience truths emerging and transformations happening in Bé's groups and I’m so grateful for all I’ve received from her and had the honor to witness. "

-Taina Lyons, Emerge Holistic Therapy

You want to understand how a community can be of healing service together and get inspired by what’s possible.

Constellation work is a powerful tool for accessing information together and finding new, highly effective paths for healing and problem-solving.

You will experience what constellation facilitators refer to as ‘the Field’ – the subtle connecting force that is present within and between all things and that we access for this work. While most people come to constellation work for personal healing, it is the connection and community that often brings the most joy and opens up new possibilities.

This is especially valuable for people in the helping professions and people who work for positive social change: teachers, facilitators, healers, mentors, guides, community leaders, changemakers. Through constellation work, you will be introduced to a new capacity of groups to solve complex problems together by revealing hidden dynamics in a system.

"I have felt the power of her work on a personal level and witnessed its power to strengthen community.

Aitabé is a wonderful friend and colleague of mine and has been a welcomed guest teacher at my various dance events. I'm always excited to take Bé's classes and experience the way she integrates movement and creativity with her transformative constellation work."

- Moti Zemelman, Contact Improvisation Dance Teacher

My joy is to support you to live in alignment with your heart's call.

Green River Family Constellations provides:

  • Coaching and classes for your personal + spiritual journey,

  • Training to develop your skillful intuition to have a greater impact in the world.

Aitabé Fornés, MEd.

Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Trainer

Founder of Green River Family Constellations

I was introduced to Family and Systemic Constellations in 2011. At the time, I was focused on a painful family relationship that I assumed would never change. I had developed a strategy to either "manage" or avoid the relationship.

Instead, after one session in particular, I experienced such a significant breakthrough that the relationship changed permanently and has continued to grow in love over the years.

This experience altered the course of my life. Within the year, I felt called to leave my previous career to study and facilitate Family and Systemic Constellations.

Beyond the healing and resourcing I continue to receive through this work, it has given me a direct experience of the world beyond the ordinary. This has expanded my perception and given me the ability to map the underlying patterns that give rise to what we experience in the world.

Early on, I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to share it with everyone! And, honestly, I still do.

But I came to understand two important areas of resistance:

First, not everyone wants to change - and that's fine! When the time comes, you'll know.

The second resistance is related to trauma - personal or ancestral. In the complexity of trauma, our resistance is an unconscious memory of the fear and pain of the original trauma. To you I say: it is safe. You are safe. Together we can look at your issue and take the steps to give it a new place in your heart.

If you feel the nudge to work with me, I encourage you to reach out. You can join an upcoming workshop and just observe to see what the experience is like, or you can reach out to me for a private session.

~Aitabé (You can call me Bé, Bay, for short)

Curious if Green River Family Constellations can help you?
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Serving Clients Nationally and Internationally Online,
and Locally in Greenfield, MA (US)

"Aitabé is a loving guide on the journey into your inner wild unknowns.

She is adept, capable, kind, and familiar with the territory of what is beyond the five sense perceptions. She has a gift for befriending all of the aspects of a system.

If you are someone who is committed to personal and collective evolution, Bé is completely dedicated to bringing forth your most radiant desire."

~Sonya Joy Key, Wild Appetites Chef & Educator

"Aitabé is a creative visionary.

She sees patterns that allow her to structure constellations that are easy to use, yet multilayered and deeply healing. She can witness what others may shy from, whether it is the shadow side in a constellation, or in our culture and community. She allows truth at a deep level which creates space for amazing healing and light."

~Linda Vishala Baker,

Curious if Green River Family Constellations can help you?
Schedule a FREE, no-obligation, conversation with Aitabé.

I'll listen to what's up for you and answer your questions
so you can see if this is a good fit for your needs.

Serving Clients Nationally and Internationally Online,
and Locally in Greenfield, MA (US)