Petroglyphs at the Ceremonial Ball Fields of Caguana. The Cosmic Mother, Atabey, is depicted. Image:

Jan 12, 2022


In Puerto Rico, where my maternal ancestors are from, there are ceremonial Taíno ball fields. Basic information about this can be found easily - the Caguana Ceremonial Ball Fields are part of the National Park Service. But the deeper knowledge, the greater meaning - that has been lost to history.

In 2020, a series of synchronicities lead me to open a relationship with my ancestral Taíno Field - a living Field of information. During this period, in addition to receiving insights from the subtle, intuitive Field, I also received several synchronicities - perfect deliveries of information that matched my inquiry.

One such synchronicity came while I was making art to represent what I was learning. I felt a sudden inspiration to look up night-flowering plants that were native to Puerto Rico. And that was how I discovered ipomoea alba.

Ipomoea alba is a night flowering morning glory, native to Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. It is also the plant whose juice, when mixed with latex from the native rubber plant, enables the rubber to crosslink and produce a solid mass - the rubber ball used by my ancestors during ceremonial play.

The image above depicts the rubber plant and the ipomoea alba under a full moon. My belief/knowing is that the ancestors received the information from the plants.

Recovering Lost Ancestral Knowledge - Introduction to the Series

Saturday, January 22, 2022

1pm - 4pm ET

$30 USD

I am starting a new twice-monthly meetup for people who are interested in exploring their own ancestral knowledge - and especially, to recover lost knowledge. This means information that has been lost to time - often due to historical trauma. In this first workshop, I will share my own story and take everyone through an exercise to explore their own ancestral knowledge.

You are encouraged to bring specific questions about your own ancestral lineage or the deep past that you would like to learn.